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An emerging leader in the mortgage industry, GMFS hasĀ a reputationĀ as a preferred lender for mortgage professionals. The GMFS Wholesale/Correspondent Lending division is dedicatedĀ to servicing small to large wholesale and correspondent partners across the nation. The division funds and underwrites loans for mortgage wholesale/correspondent partners, offering efficient turn times and superior rated service. Our limited overlays and consistent, aggressive pricing are key contributors to our significantĀ growth and proven excellence in theĀ wholesale/correspondent market.

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GMFS is an approved Fannie Mae Seller-Servicer, Freddie Mac Seller-Servicer, Ginnie Mae issuer, Departmenet of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) / Federal Housing Administration (“FHA”) Mortgagee, U.S. Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) approved originator and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA”) Lender.

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