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GMFS offers a full range of options for all Correspondent clients.

Correspondent¬†‚ÄstGMFS can provide assistance in Underwriting and/or Closing for clients with their own funding options.

Delegated Correspondent¬†‚ÄstNeed a competitive takeout investor without all the complications the large aggregators bring? GMFS¬†is the ideal choice!

From emerging correspondents to full service correspondents, GMFS will be your partner of choice: customizable underwriting and closing options, accessible staff and outstanding service. The GMFS Correspondent division offers efficient turn times, limited overlays and consistently aggressive pricing.

The Delegated Correspondent team is a refreshing choice in a market full of mega banks. GMFS combines the flexibility of a small business with the benefits of a large stable corporation. GMFS is quickly emerging as a dominate player in the Delegated marketplace.

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