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GMFS has a new dedicated Reverse Mortgage division to service your clients!

The Simple Reverse Purchase Program is a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) for Purchase: Allows Borrowers 62 years and older to access equity from their home without downsizing their cash flow. Unlike a traditional mortgage, monthly mortgage payments are optional – as long as you meet the terms of the loan, the loan doesn’t come due until the home is sold or is no longer your primary residence.


  • Income Changes

    Problem: Agent Alice is meeting with a couple that is ready to relocate to a 55+ community. Alice estimates they will net $250,000 from selling their current home. She also knows prices in the 55+ community they want to move to start at $325,000. The couple is also about to retire, which will reduce their monthly income by 30%.

    Solution: Using the FHA Reverse loan will allow the couple to $200,000 down, and finance the remaining $125,000 purchase price with a loan that does not require monthly mortgage payments*. And they will have an extra $50k for their retirement account.

  • Home Upgrades

    Problem: Agent Bob has a cash buyer that must have a swimming pool for their children and grandchildren to enjoy. Bob can’t locate any listings with a pool and they don’t have enough money to buy with cash and add the pool while staying in the area where they want to live.

    Solution: Bob shows them a home that is perfect in every other manner, and shows them how they can use the Reverse Loan to save a portion of the down payment to install the pool, all without any monthly payments required.*

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