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Submit NEW locks and 1003 submissions via new Encompass TPO portal.

Questions? Contact your GMFS District Director.

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How to Lock & Submit a Loan

1. Only Internet Explorer (IE) browser, version 10 or higher, fully supports ALL old portal functions

2. Your browser’s optional Pop-Up Blocker feature must be turned OFF to use some old Portal features such as 1003 Import
e.g. For IE Browser:  Click “Tools” on Menu bar and then click “Pop-up Blocker” from Tools drop down menu, then select option to Turn Off Pop-up Blocker. See image below.
TIP: if you don’t see the Menu bar, right click on gray bar under the web address at top of browser, then click “Menu Bar” from the drop down

3. Make sure the Partners site URL is NOT listed in IE browser’s optional Compatibility View feature
e.g. For IE Browser:  Click “Tools” on Menu bar and then click “Compatibility View” from Tools drop down menu, if “” is listed as a  Website you added to Compatibility view, then click the URL to highlight it and then click “Remove” button. See image below.

To re-try Log In after using these tips, scroll up to enter your credentials above.

Pop-Up Blocker Settings in IE Browser

Compatibility View Settings in IE Browser